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Tandem - Unbraked 1750kg


UNBRAKED TANDEM - Heavy duty tandems with a8x5_Tandem_UB_TM.jpg load capacity of 1750kg GVM. 13" galv rims and tyres.  Several tie hooks as well as a strong RHS tie rail around the top.

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Tandem - Braked 2500 - 3500kg gvm



BRAKED TANDEM - Dual axles for heavier loads, these tandems have load sharing oscillating suspension, disc brakes to front axle and can be built for 2500kg to 3500kg GVM.

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Car Transporter


Andrew_Turpin.jpgTandem car trailer 2500kg GVM.  4.9m x 2.0m tilt deck, low sides, fold (drop down) guard. Hydraulic over-ride coupling, disc braked to front axle, equalizing suspension, heavy duty jockey wheel, LED lights and side-markers.

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