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Ecomony Wellside 950kg gvm


Wellside_3.jpgOur Eco range of trailers is an ideal choice for basic home use.  As with all Pinto trailers, the Eco range has a fully welded RHS chassis. 12mm ply deck, tie hooks and has a 950kg GVM load capacity.  Only available in 6x4, 7x4 and 8x4.

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DIY Wellside 950kg gvm



Our DIY range of trailers is suited for residential and DIY use.  Has a fully welded RHS chassis, 13" galv rims, tie hooks and side tie rails, birch ply trans-tec deck, marine sealed hubs and bearings, mud flaps, spare wheel mount provision and LED lights.  Tilting option available.

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Trade Wellside 1200 or 1500kg gvm


Super_Wellside_3.JPGAn ideal choice for tradesmen, farmers or anyone needing a heavy duty single axle trailer.  Available in 1200kg or 1500kg GVM. Tilting option available.

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High Sided 1200 or 1500kg gvm


Kingsider_w_cover__toolbox_1.jpgKINGSIDER - Pinto's original 17" (400mm) high sided concept.  Our biggest volume trailer yet is great for a wide range of jobs including camping, work or landscaping supplies.  Available in 1200kg or 1500kg GVM.  Tilting option available.  A push bike towball can also be added to any Pinto trailer.

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Poolz iN SchoolZ

Pinto Trailers are proud to be associatied with this Charitable Trust helping all New Zealand children learn to swim at schools without their own pools.

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