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Re - Trade Wellside - June 2017

I bought a trailer off you new, a year ago and alot of places we have taken it people have admired the workmanship on it.  They say it looks well built and looks classy.  It travels well :) :) Brendon

Re - Trade Wellside - 20/7/15

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service and to let you know the trailer has already done over 1000km’s since I collected it and is a credit to NZ design and build. It tracks so well behind my van that I have to check my mirrors to see that it is still there. Thank you. Chris

Re -Unbraked Tandem - 9/12/13 

I thought I would flick you an email to say thanks.  The trailer although bought sight unseen has certainly surpassed my expectations.  It is certainly strong and well built.  It has already been put through its paces.  Thanks also for your assistance and friendly emails Jenny.

Re -Camper Trailer Tent - 4/12/13 

Well we have our tent back at home, put it up (to hose it down) and have spent a night in it – we cannot believe the space inside, and I was able to put up and down on my own (putting it back had me a bit stumped but everything fit so here’s hoping.) When I packed it up I managed to fit an inner sprung queen mattress on top of the king size mattress that was included (the kids have laid claim to the original bed so we have had to find another) unbelievable! 

Re - BBQ Trailer  9/6/2015

Just to say thank you for the trailer, which arrived safely down here on Sunday evening. We are absolutely delighted with it, especially the build quality, which is so much higher than I had expected. Please don’t take that the wrong way… Smile

Thanks again for all your help. Keith